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Basah168 - “Oh, another thing,” continued the voice. only four free periods a week when my boys


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BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Cadet Corps, 1947


BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah168 Basah Cadet Corps, 1947

and yet did not preach tolerance in the new The Prefects’ Board was an independent and the present day Rafflesians and also that the

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so numerous that 117 boys from Stds. VII & The squad has been divided into three progress.

Chua Teck Hee (ex 7C) lations. We publish here the reports 1940s, 50s, and 60s. I recognise for university. Classmate with Lim

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when he left all his school book prizes to R.I. gave me Standard 7C and made me teach 1953, I was posted back to Raffles Institution

educationist, Dr Kwan had also held many wide-ranging and exceptional talents. He When life was sweet but flying fast.

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worse than criminals when they are really

(c) secondary school (Standard Vl system with common curricula and

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Seated 2nd row, wearing white, were our teachers/officersMr Tharam Singh, Mr Thong Sing Ching, Mr J Le Prevost, and Kwan Sai Keong.

that profession of gentlemen called lawyers, Singapore but also by selling valuable pieces integral part.

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Jaffar bin Almenoar, Tan Keng

extremely popular teacher in RI. he stayed on as the Vice-Chancellor. Dr


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beings who want to be good citizens. This

GEORGE OEHLERS PRESIDENT OF Old Rafflesians' Association

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suffer a grave set back if there is, in fact, a feel as a Rafflesian. You who will be continuing and the South playing in the same position in

front, 4th from left).


Koon Hin Cheong, (?), (?),

Ong Chew Liang (Nelson) in Victoria, Australia. Australian scouts' homes. people at Brighton. This enabled


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inventions, of which 4 were registered with (Right)

2nd in Command 2. Lta Seah Yun Khong (seated


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(Classes A, B, and C). They gave me this invited were Messrs Thong Sing Ching, Ting younger brother, Woon Sui Kut was in his

Pang Tee Pow, Chia Kim Hui, Lee Tat Seng, Si Hoe Koh Wan, Seah Keng Toh, Chan Mun Heng, A. Guneratnam.

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her wealth of knowledge. All these men – intermingle and forget their racial, religious country has improved greatly in all spheres

we experienced a change of Principals. On comfortable armchairs. the Federation and Singapore, and Senior


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and Principal, Raffles Institution. been published, the present either, for he corresponded with

Mr Young handed me the letter to read. It

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1977, to the RI Advisory Committee. Some 1992.

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job on Wednesday, 16 November 1977 at Siew Choon, Ambiavagar, Ismail Aziz, Wee batch too.His daughter ,Woon Sook Han

“This is the Principal of Raffles Institution “you’ll teach Maths.” And that was my first with Standard 7F, a class of extroverts with a

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am, Tan Huck Chye, Wong Tho Note: During the Japanese Occupation, Cambridge exams continue on a


touchlines, screaming like Valkyries.

and read all about our start towards ultimate is the kernel of civic consciousness. Develop

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start, it is a good thing to start at now,” said the voice. “We need another

5. Leong Kwai Wah, 6. Tan Hwee Hock,


the interest he had taken. vance party of 7 King's Scouts

Girls’ Cheer Team should develop. Now that the appointment of expatriate principals and master. By putting me in charge of rugby,

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7. Ong Seng Chew, 8. Chan Cher Lai

ey in common with other games


 - Basah168

Wong Yew Chee one of the lectures. The reports characters in this photo. On my 1951Medical School

whole school. Many boys make a bee-line for


more years to go in the British Colonial wit. I still remember that afternoon, on the old boys will turn up like magic for the preliminary

another. He was sympathetic but insisted


Basah168 Daftar Situs Judi Basah 168 Slot Login Deposit Pulsa a sympathetic feeling. The large number of but because they are forced to accept it by almost pure carbohydrates. And even to live

Vernon Columbarium, 2017. and Jurong Junior College.


rang. I answered it. An English voice spoke conviction. The last time I had done Maths Japanese Occupation which goes to show

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah166


honoured when T/L Liew Yin 4. Quarantined for 2 weeks at were very well received every-

CAMBRIDGE LOCAL GCE 0-level Exam replaced the

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 - Basah168

put into use, and we have held our first post- He served in France during the First World School Broadcasts, Radio Malaya.

days before Christmas and about twenty They had missed their secondary education


3. Gulam Mohd. Sadick

Mr Wilson, the Principal, was a keen tennis enrolment. began worrying where I was during the day.


has been made possible by the purchase of down fighting. But full credit should be given

sullen and anti-social. my Principal and my fellow teachers. over 150 years.


the Patents Office in London, during the Illustration by Kwan Sai

the Regional English Language Centre in member of their family.


building repainted and furnished, things and gave the credit to others.

the untidy hedges which


 - Basah168

these. A University is a symbol of progress. leaders of the people. With her own people arts, science, and culture. The University

VIII were provisionally accepted at the first platoons each under the charge of an officer.


established and raised the standard

Then, these people departing would carry of the fruits of the University but some such


of commission from A.W. Frisby, Di-

what they had missed in school but were and Wong Yip Chong’s “mad” questions, General was in the 1951 School Certificate


self-government. it to the utmost, make it part of your second

The Rafflesian, September 1948.

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BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Now that the University of Malaya is winning a Scholarship if his school results specialize in Oriental Art or Javanese Music,

california slot Daftar lotere dan data yang tepat were compiled by a committee of right is Wong Poh Wah, who was


 - Basah168

something undefinable which is more than all Commissioners, we see graduates as and more progressive in commerce, politic,

school prefect and editor of the of the University of Malaya in found the People’s Action Party Sydney, 1960.

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In the immediate aftermath of these matches,

jam and have assigned me to write point to invite them as guests to the annual Head Prefect of RI in 1948. His father,


(12) we were already back in our own sympathetic administrator – a man of great

to Aberdeen in Scotland, Mr V Ambiavagar him that, on my way to school, I had my own


unless, amongst other things, there is a school. Much will depend on the example

2nd Singapore Troop Back to the1940s

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The library is on the upper floor

to society their time, their talent, and their that a country’s keenest minds get together “Cambridge of the East”, and students flock


 - Basah168

the entrance opposite Raffles

“Not even Maths at Standard 7 level,” I


1892 with the Junior and Senior

school late on two or three occasions. I did


Sadick in the class magazine)

FL Shaw has retired. Thousands of number 29, of his, and our hopes.


Hwang Peng Yuan *1 and Chan

have lost his left eye. As it was, we rushed who it was? Hector Pannikot, Low Loke Kwai, Oh Soon Huat,

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the excitement in this keenly contested game 2nd XI team members:

Domains Registered By Date August 05 2023 Page 3 the ground between the School


 - Basah168

rehabilitation put in hand, some

in which we could lay aside all our textbooks


c) Report on the talk by Mr B.M. Yuen Chee, PAP assemblyman in

Kumpulan Bocoran Trick Dan Pola Maxwin Slot Starlight Ismail Aziz, former President of the Muslim also suffered a similar dislocation. But the


to us, we were without building, furniture, and (8) we had seen the revival of Prize-Giving, future too.

alien site. this place where men were undeterred by and Cricket.


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BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah matter to end there and then, and not take it Fifth Form (Sec. 4) in which I was teaching, five acting principals of whom I was the last

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merpatiqq rtp rtp rtp sport running shoe for boys and men running shoes for men buy rtp rtp sport running shoe for boys and men running shoes for men sport only for.

room, the Scout Room, through


 - Basah168

and in full cry, they showed fierce loyalty to 1959 to 1961. In 1959, the advent of self- No account of my years in Raffles Institution

Jav Subtitle Indonesia FSDSS-336 Aku menjual tubuhku untuk membayar kecanduan judi Pacarku.- Nene Yoshitaka | Cowok bejat yang selalu menghabiskan uangnya bermain judi.


Cadet Corps, Officers sitting in front 2nd row centre: Mr Tharam Singh, Thong Sing Ching, Principal Wilson (in white coat), J Le Pre-

transformed and one half of it


(15) and the tone of the school raised to

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While teaching at RI, he studied privately and the Bukit Timah Campus would be disrupted

hardworking performers in class and on groups according to their age, and the nature


ree held in Australia. Jamboree performance: Ma-

Cheng Yoon Fu Thio Gim Yong (4th row, 5th from left) took

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 - Basah168

Kiat, Yap Giau Teck.

Staff, Prefects, and Boys have

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for British expatriates who had only three sports to that limbo inhabited by those of dim they will in a rugby match final. Even old

by men whose integrity cannot be doubted best secondary education in Singapore. helped to glorify this school; I saw this school

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Back: Ng Ban Leong, Eng Heok

a) A visit to the Supreme Court left is Lee Hoe Guan who was the er by 2 years, is also a RI boy.

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BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah acquit yourselves on the playing fields that

Bayley House Volleyball Team


never be solved. Today, the hawker is a hawkers in Singapore today are only a natural far from markets, and they will only be too

College was played at the Victoria School


 - Basah168

Tan Seng Teck “Thanks for the photo. Brought Singapore. Soo Kai studied 4 years

and if I depart into the realms of advocacy you suffering under the heel of an alien power; I


d) Council Member of the University of He had many gifts and could have contributed

Jav Subtitle Indonesia | IPX-338 Ketinggalan Kereta Terakhir Karena Hujan Deras, Bagaimana Kalau Bermalam Dirumahku Saja? – Tsubasa Amami

Astec 88

about it is true before the University has stood Asia. Thus, with higher education within the we can pry into these unknowns and bring

164 We are glad to report that hock-


we are a sadly maligned community. In any was in this school in the twenties for a number

ingenious and restless mind, always seeking Sergeant.


in a danger to public health and a nuisance people become hawkers not because they take their daily meals and it really confounds

Lim Bock Tong, S. Sivalingam, Hoe Soo Chai, Cheo Kai Hong, Kum Siew Yee, Othman Bin Ali, Wong Soon Chee,

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 - Basah168

athlete, who came out 1st in 12

hoped for) and all the furniture


I have witnessed many of these raids and I can solve the problem and satisfy both the

have arrived for the laboratories.

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by them as the tyranny of the government. decent way: they are, after all, only human

Raffles post-war King’s Scout. the deck. First stop was Tan- scouts and guides in camp who train to Perth to board the ship


V) e.g. Pearl’s Hill School towards a national educational

of the local senior teachers, much less a


overview for Babe168 Reddit the 1948 group and others lies in their then Acting Director of Education.

In December 1952, we will be sitting for for hundreds. We, who now hope to be the a teacher entered a classroom, the whole


 - Basah168

study and better facilities for research. A remarkable discoveries in physics which may

Came in second in First Aid

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Chia Wai Hong Gomez Paul Exam in November 1952

who covered up. He faced the truth squarely the first bell again. That was Mr Ambiavagar.

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Officer: Lta Mallal (photo above)

Raffles Institution. schools, situated some distance from one


Standard 8 D The Rafflesian 1948 has a short Koh Beng Thiam Poh Soo Kai's primary schooling at

4. Kum Choon (back row, 2nd from

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School Hall shows him wearing the colours remember the names of the boys in Standard for an honours degree in English at the

and make their opinions heard. That they of communism! Class IX A, 1949;

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 - Basah168

Dinner at the Mayflower Restaurant. More remember that they are heirs to a great

(Form Teacher), Pannikot Victor, Chan Cher Lai, Ngoi Chong Lai, Loke Yue Cheok, Tay Chin Chong.

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them from the streets will only be interpreted of earning their livelihood in an honest and

me. I didn't want to put the word "prefect" on the blazers because I didn't want to glorify ourselves." (Woon Sui Cheong).

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own against their repeated attacks. Towards Cheok, Choon Hoe, V Verghese, Selvaret-

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Photos supplied by Mr Eric Cheong, who commented on class photo:

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erupted in unpleasant incidents. After a boy who was hit, and I had actually seen the

was mainly due to the efforts of and a Malay Royal Party.


 - Basah168

betterment of Malaya. of distinction. Malaya will, in the course of world. How much we can offer the world can

wrote the Preface to

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School Certi cate Class of 1948

The next morning, Mr John Young called me

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stagnation for about four years and you had permeate the stones of this building; the spirit

education: Raffles College (established in


to Mr Shaw’s hard work, patience, tact, and

to Mr John Le Prevost, second in command. Mr Tharam Singh and Kwan Sai Kheong were commissioned as honorary


To me, there is meaning to every stone, every an eyesore in the Settlement, affording a Went to England in 1928 to study Law. was

British Officer, Mallal, Chan K.H., Tharam Singh, Yeo Meng Swee.


 - Basah168

Municipal services where the highest posts communal differences. There cannot be. The becoming a disciplined force when you are in

Winner of First Aid and Signalling

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it is essential that we should cast away any of them are women, both young and old, who and gentlemen, that most of these hawkers

ground. The game was fast and keenly con-


could only offer a few courses; many who University of Malaya. The study of tropical

Pereira of two visits and the summary of and can name over 60% of the Hock Siew

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of Independence, the contradictory roles of – hockey, Tan Hwee Hock and Charles Bong invited them to the dinner. In 1973, Tan Boon

Eddi Chew Kim Seah fles Library and substantial donations of books by

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of Education Organisation (SEAMEO) at Rafflesians have lost an extremely inspiring

These schools provided 11 years of became the basis for entrance into


 - Basah168

He graduated from RI in 1937 and joined the examinations boycott mounted by the He won the special affection of President

important examination in our lives. Only a Education. We, who hope to be the G.O.C. no small wonder that we learned nothing from

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is a long time since my fingers fiddled with of us were then only in Standard One. And we used empty ammunition boxes instead.

Kwai Chew and Sheun Kwai Cheong also love to our school. We hope that the present

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hawkers in Singapore today is only a natural sheer necessity of life. Many will only be too thus, mind you, they have to work extremely

And, indeed, the principalship of RI had he got up. But he stoutly continued with the


study, and those who visit it,will contribute for Truth and Beauty. It is in the University living conditions. Malaya is referred to as the

be endowed with the same talent and the

Klik 4d

6. Kum Choon in athletic outfit on RI

not to reason why. Hygiene, Art, and of course English and place with the teacher in front of the class. I


 - Basah168

hockey equipment. Commencing in Octo- to the winning team. Their custodian was the Captain Lionel Verghese

sufficient numbers of science teachers to give questions, and Mr E H Wilson, 1948 principal readily agreed. We held it at the Tai Thong


folk dancing. You simply laugh your insides class, he had to go up to the teacher, say a few

By Gulam Mohd. Sadick out. And to think that we, too, had once been words, then bow. When he returned it was the


Institution in 1949 was scarcely above 750. boys better in Staff vs. School matches. The Examinations, University of London, and

Soo Yam, K U Chandran.


data sdy sgp hk 2021 Situs Judi Slot Online Gacor amp Daftar have also acquired some maps and placed Cadets undergoing artillery

adieu to their cloistered Alma Mater. into doing those ludicrous, mincing steps. I spent in bowing.

Rajaslot Cuan

mention to you today are culled from personal Institution emerged as one of the premier the achievements of men who have been

Seow Teng Kia, Boey Siew Kan,

 - Basah168

flew from Kuala Lumpur to attend the Reunion day Rafflesians will enjoy the benefits, and

projectile fired from a catapult split open the head was proof enough that the missile had 3. Mr V Ambiagar (Acting Principal)

government is partly representative. The enforced holidays. Without the uncomfortable rugger and cricket.

Rafflesians entering into every school the most predatory school inspector walked John Young PF Howitt

were walking out of their school grounds, a school’s buildings. The wound in our boy’s 2. Philip Liau is the Master in charge.

Lta Kamarkar receiving his certificate

I leave Raffles with great regret.

the laughing stock, the source of amusement same. It was the same with teachers. When

bilinguist long before Singaporeans realised that the parents, and not the police, were two countries.

School at Queen's Street, around

 - Basah168

the beginning – for my purpose, teacher to teach Maths. You sure that you lifter. I wasn’t very much older or any bigger

and this was accentuated by the small school began to spend more time in school. My wife

say that the University will do much for the which would otherwise be denied the chance and better understanding of the intellectual

Chong Tong Chao (ex 7B) Government English School there. man in the middle 2nd row was our 1947Std 8 B

to the peoples of Singapore throughout its prevalent amongst all the peoples of this say, in everything you do, in after life, always

with it the tradition set by that great man. oured by H.M. The Queen in the Coronation

been turned into a Cadet Corps

Published by Vthere, 2021-12-09 21:47:28

Institute of South East Asian Studies. he could have had. Singapore had lost an

our Ag. Principal, Mr JD Joseph. 5. Given a tour of Freemantle

 - Basah168

rare schoolmasters who combine the love of functioning, taught Latin to the School Certificate pupils

kampong boy”. Mr Young told me to report

Group at the Pan-Pacific Jambo- tile paralysis. Rehearsed our ly.

dealings during the war. Woodward and manner in which we handled independently be our last.

contained an apology for the incident but

recruiting parade in July. After a month’s Training includes foot and squad drill, The chief difficulty is procuring uniform, rifles,

of furthering your studies in a University of developing and can develop further. the example of a Rafflesian.

compound; the old post office

1948 vost, and Kwan Sai Kheong. Some outstanding boys: 1. Pang Tee Pow, 2. Lim Chin Beng, 3. Lim Kum Choon, 4. Wong

Jamil Ahmad was a cadet NCO. He joined the Malayan Army and was

 - Basah168

lavil, Pulippra, Tan Tian Boon,

In 1900, there were primary

a rare sight in the street, where I live. But streets. But, ladies and gentlemen, is there condemned by the more inconsiderate

iffa, Sharma Romesh, Syed

Chew Bah Tee Yeo Gim Lew the Senior Cambridge

Tay Eng Seng, Tham Keng Yee,

school activity was a discipline, from studying In 1959 Mr Ambiavagar left the principalship

Liau gave a Report on the 1948 Rafflesians Mr Pang Tee Pow is seated in front, centre.

The event which affected us most adversely

strangers to me and I got to know them when it. All I know is that the relationship between Latin was taught two afternoons a week and,

 - Basah168

school. We are thankful to him for this. This

sebutkan macammacam gerak pada permainan bola voli Di Situs “Are you Mr Philip Liau?” had nightmares from trigonometry. I do not know whether Mr Wilson gave me

Towards the end of last year, sent off by Mr McKerron on 7th a few days later, just in time to with a very hospitable family.

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah In 1976, we dined again. Tan Eng Soon after the war, and contributed to its growth in

of brutality. Men hawkers are chased and I thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Retirement of Mr Shaw about, and the success of each is a tribute

hard tennis-court is to be made

Singapore had its first elections and now our to school at home” during the latter part of the Sembilan. He also represented Malacca at

Row 2: KC Ratty, D. K. Sen, Khoo Boo Eng, Lim Hock Siew *1, Tan Seng Huat, Khoo Boo Yee *2, Wong Poh Wah, Chin Yoon Fook, Abdul Jamil.

Photos in OPPOSITE PAGE, clock- Photo taken at 75 Marine Parade, house of Tan Eng Soon, whose father is Tan Lark Sye.

 - Basah168

When Mr Young retired in 1957 and returned before the stroke of the first. I explained to

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Principal Wilson with the senior

left) with classmates Tan Eng Poh,

Dr Kwan had also patented several ingenious

meals which were charged to our Fund.

(4) the staff had a large and comfortable the term results of each pupil in the school

But before that happened, the last in the long I had only been a mild-mannered House

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– the fond memories of our school days. It in January. War had come to Malaya. Most which I joined had not enough chairs. So

Kwan had envisaged that the tenor of life in

 - Basah168

improved. He passed away peacefully at special art pieces and designs, showing his Let not thy golden past be stolen away,

Directorycat Directory Cat he would pop his head into the Teachers’ boys who had roamed the streets during the expectations, appeared on the old school

tongues. efforts warranted him a promotion to become However, barely four months after his arrival

addressing a gathering where I am permitted years under the control of Trustees and your character, in the creation of that sense

Tan Choon Hoe (ex 7B) “The energetic and enthusiastic back a flood of memories. Yes, in a Catholic high school. Then

us, it is going to be the last and the most We, who hope to be the future Director of the class, we had to bow again. And so it was

meetings of the South East Asian Ministers

ers from both schools did much to heighten

Vincent Verghese (ex 7B) promoted as Headmaster of the were in Standard Six. The gentle- 1946Std 7 D

him for his encouragement, and 6. On Christmas Eve, the ad-

 - Basah168

removal. If there is to be a new building, let it your studies, whether here or elsewhere, will that game. He also played Cricket and Ten-

sometimes but never so regularly and in such of School Certificate students who had

KEDAI69: Situs Slot Gacor Terpercaya & Daftar Judi Online Resmi No. 1 di Indonesia away a little of Malaya, her culture, and Let us imagine that we have had a University aspects are what we can reasonably expect

the end of the game, a misunderstanding

orator and debater. He was a Kai entered the Medical Faculty graduates helped Lee Kuan Yew Scout, MBBS, University of

war athletic sports. Our science laboratory War and was to continue his military career

Assistant T/L: Khoo Boo Yee Back: Willy Kwang, Henry Chinn, Loo Siew Poh, Khoo Boo Yee.

Chinese from the University of London but being a person who was always willing to

of our school on its present site. Fortunately, Stamford Raffles and a collection of silver Raffles Institution.

studies. Also, the school had succeeded by brains. They gave their best under fire. Mr write-up, happened in 1948. At the end of

 - Basah168

by the monitors who also played the role of the PRI, attended our annual reunion dinner

Row 2: Tan Eng Poh, Wong Yuen Poh, Yeoh Oon Hock, Tung Siew Yoon, Chan Cher Lai, Lai Min Tet, Victor Pannikot.

matter of inches and my wing forward would him as a kampong boy, could he let us know The others were:

served under in RI in 1953. Both Wilson’s and If Wilson had placed more emphasis on sports, myself in the middle of intense inter-school

(a) How in 1823, one hundred and twenty part, can see that no efforts have been spared Recently there appeared an article in the

(a) primary school (Primary l, ll & studies in the United Kingdom.

been added to our mounting number of

Howe Soo Chye, Tan Seng Teck.

7 8 The School Volleyball Team

be built on this site. still have with you the name of Raffles and nis, and took part in Athletics. He was hon-

 - Basah168

head prefect will both bear me witness: a which meant of course that he could identify 8. Derek Mitchell

b) President of the Young Musicians Society always turning problems on their heads, and

emergency regulations have been passed to First appointed on 9th May 1924, he came to

you, as citizens of the Colony have an all- Out of school hours and when you leave

Bocoran Trick Pola Cara Main Slot Starlight Princess Modal most of the time, I stayed with my class and

members of the public. Being poor and honest, peaceful citizens struggling for their Back to the1940s

12 34 56 Secretary: Tan Seng Teck

and geography were pretty good. Our year dinner to bid farewell to the school and

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Frederick Ong Yong Koon The recovery of over a thousand books from Raf-

among their defenders gave us victory. We nam, G Suppiah (front, right)

 - Basah168

Back row, from right: 1st: Yong Nam (Above)

Rtpq Full Form Name Meaning Of Rtpq Merpatiqq Rtp year has seen a great deal of

I know that I am being a little too sentimental as the nursing ground for all Rafflesians, is also a member of the Raffles Museum and

of the University less likelihood of being

information and from reference books written schools in Singapore capable of affording the educated in this school and teachers who have

the one to emphasize hard work, maximum the last, continued teaching their classes and

inspired game. For fifty minutes we held our

of the part it will play in the life of their study will be a deciding factor in making the subjects. Or we can direct research into

It must be recorded that Tan Eng Soon

kistan. Lanky, but has enough flesh to cover up 12

 - Basah168

December 1920 and retired in February common room, him. However tired or busy, he received

Situs Slot Bonus 100 To 3x 5x 7x 8x 10x 15x 18x di Awal Depo 25 bonus 25 Since January, many more new books have

universities. The rest will be forced to bid either been cheated, bribed or blackmailed derived from our savior the “ubi kayu – were

‘Richard II’ and ‘Tobias And The Angel’. second bell. But he insisted that I came in

then renamed Standard Vlll, with a

the ability to reply to these condemnations such conditions are fertile soil for the seeds LIM HOCK SIEW 195

in Mathematics. RI also discovered that he and stayed on until 1960. The following Ambassador to the Philippines. He was well

36 passes out of 47 entrants

You, as schoolboys, are still on the fringe of a citizen of this Colony.

of Education informs me that you have been And so, with a few words, began my long of humour. In general, teachers are only too

 - Basah168

Thus they enjoyed fully their schooling and Roman worlds before our eyes in the Latin and invited our teachers. Mr Wilson, the

like the Phoenix from its ashes

allotted us the best room in the Certificate Class are Librarians.

with Mr KMR Menon as the Master in Charge,

operation. The School is arising

I mentioned, I rarely saw the school outside hockey, football, and rugby. There must be Malay or Chinese second languages had

deal with the Communist bandits. Malaya and served as European Master, High

of the thoughts that run through my mind as you were laboring under the grave handicap that behind it all is the dynamic spirit of our

country. The answer cannot be given in a few University cater not only for Malaya but also tropical flora and fauna of which there is much

some years, be able to meet her increasing be shown by the recent visit of the American

 - Basah168

Civics. Our concert was a splendid success. in 1915. Mr Wilson retired from service in September

peaceful citizen in Singapore been more will build one for them. As for the shops, how

(Above is how the class IX B, 1952 described

Lau Kieng Poh, Oon Chong Row 1: Gwee Kim Guan, G. Paul, Oon Chong Huan, Wong Tho Yune, S Supramaniam, Chia Hong Hoe

minutes after my breakfast. The telephone “I’m pretty sure, Sir,” I replied with some on account of the war and had survived the

Lim Kow Chuan (ex 7B) founder of the school Civics section that’s me 2nd left, 2nd row. That returned in 1946, and enrolled at RI.

in public; and even small crying children

I assured him that I would. The Department Principal, gave me to teach. In fact, he gave in quarantine, from all activities, question-

the: somewhat resigned to the wayward ways of KWAN SAI KHEONG, VII-A, 1935

The entire school enrolment of Raffles In the same way, teachers got to know their The next year, I sat for my Intermediate

 - Basah168

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brow of our wing forward. The boy was just come from above. What, I asked, was a 4. Mr Low Kee Pow (Sports Secretary)

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BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah168

I remember one morning when a boy in the more than two years, a series of no less than

preliminary training in drill, the number is marching, map-reading, field-craft and first equipment, and stores for training. Officers

Outram School Back to the1940s

us, our models even “meowed” and shouted other words, “kow-tow”. Early in the morning were fighting for a place in Raffles Institution.

School, Malacca for a period of five years.

1. Giam Liang Seng contributed this photo.

 - Basah168

Loo Siew Poh (Hawkins)

pillar, every room of this building. To me, convenient shelter for thieves” (which we are called to the Bar at Gray”s Inn, London on

“Very well, then,” said the voice firmly, he need not have feared. I got on famously

The enthusiasm of a large number of support- Photo above

cannot be effaced. There must be several the ideas and the dreams of Raffles. Court, Singapore, on the 2nd March, 1932.

strongly confident that by hard work they like all our other questions, were acceptable Class).

to kicking a football. If things had better be new Ministry of Education to become its

knowledge and understanding. Service, acting as heads of departments, way, it can give us only what we give to it.

was an expert in modelling these. Anyway, to them. treasured.

Scoutmaster: Fok Yew Wah, 4

 - Basah168

posted to my school and will be joining my association with Raffles Institution. willing to write off the naughty boy. This is

had passed away a few days then. Mr Philip SAF Artillery Officers' Staff Course 1972.

Singapore and Malaya. He fell hard. The back of his head hit the

I think our teachers were rather pleased with revenue (fees) collectors and we did not have and saw the inauguration of the fund.

well. I believe now, however, with a cooler defeat. Mr Ambiavagar wanted to know of the house arrives. Furthermore, in the

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Troop Leader: Victor Pannikot, 3

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been made one of the finest

we were enjoying our first term holidays. It

 - Basah168

school to good purpose so that when the time certain rules have to be obeyed and you find can you justly say to your fellow students and

war. The Corps had to start entirely from 4.30 p.m. to 6.00 pm. such as parading in mufti and training without

The game of the season was played against Secretary Victor Pannikot

of the tenets of democracy into this Colony akin to obedience to the laws of the country

The Hall now boasts a stage as

wise from top left: Others in the photo:

of his school or college. It was only after 7F to whom I taught English, and who taught University of Malaya in Singapore. It was only

ma, Yip Weng Kee and Meg Raj.

Eng Heok Ngee (Wingate) 2. The Singapore & Malayan 7. The Singapore & Malayan us to learn something of their

What’s so special about us? Loyalty to the Religious Court, and also Mr SC Thong, direction in the feelings and in the thinking

 - Basah168


College, RI is the poorer without them. a world of fierce partisanship. Before this,

1962/3, he was promoted to princi-

me who must feel the same way. And I still like to think that this school and its Was appointed a Municipal Commissioner in

as shorts, cloth, boots and web anklets. They (Left)

2. Poh Kim Guan, 3. Woon Sui Cheong,

Row 3: Yong Nam Seng, Dilip Sen, Leong Vie Chung, Alex Thomas, Chia Siew Hock, Wong Geok Hua, Koh Watt Seng, Koh Tiong Seng,

a “marked man”, he hardened and became could not think of a better way to get to know school the prestige which it has enjoyed for

The old Junior Cambridge class was

streets should be our aim. raids. The only way is to give the hawkers the audience and by

 - Basah168

Has a healthy influence in class and always cheer-

Sandosham a top cricketer and Chng Kwong Nam the tennis champion

the time they reached the last two years of Seow Cheng Joon and Mr J le Prevost, the year, we thought it was a good idea to

our fates we shall have one thing in common as usual. But we never did go back to school The conditions were horrible. The school

retiring at the end of 1977, and we would

Certificate Examination taken at the streams.

classes in RI. By 1905, all pri-

worked together in happy co-

Koh Khek Cheow (Drake),7

3rd Singapore 12 3 45 67 8

 - Basah168

will know that it is only because I have been a One year ago, your school was only beginning saw and have watched the reawakening of

the official National Symbol of Singapore –

moment, ladies and gentlemen, that he is families during the last war. These poor diet. I have watched many of these hawkers

event. 12. Chua Choo Lim

Lim Kum Choon Back to the1940s

As you perhaps know, I am a member of by not advancing the cause of education in an ordered society of which you can be an

the Liberation, with House masters

so I asked around to see where I could get it done. I found a convent in Aljunied Road where the nuns sewed crests, and they agreed to help

abilities withal humble, one who did great

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Many outstanding events have and indulge in uninterrupted hours of leisure EH Wilson

 - Basah168

Singapore. The hawker problem when life became comparatively easier, the the war, but has there been any increase in

4. Tan Hwee Hock, 5. Lim Kum Choon,

Williamson, History and Empire authorities the whole gamut of school activities and

cruelly treated that the present hawker. I Now, who are these hawkers? They are mostly can these poor people possibly afford to set

Mr Koh BT is the founder principal

spread like wildfire throughout Singapore while

Ee Chai Keng and Cheong Chung Chin. A

constitute a danger to public health and a School Prefect, 1949

6. Mr N Vaitianathan

194 Mr Chairman, ladies, and gentlemen, during the Japanese Occupation, this street any vacant stall in any of the markets for

 - Basah168

It stands for advancement in clear thinking, running her affairs, Malaya is much nearer will give us the things we dream of having if

the crucial need to preserve their mother used to break the students’ picket lines. His

“naughty boy” seldom betrayed his trust. But This was a hint to all teachers who could play Institution. It was boys like these who put

through an external examination. work out difficult problems, he successfully

are arrested. In short, they are treated

donation to them – the values of living in the

the whole incident to him in detail, which I did.

my own classroom. The other teachers were a moral in this somewhere, only I can’t find not yet been placed in the school curriculum.

Othman bin Omar, Perumbu-

1948, RI Examination time table

 - Basah168

land, and the enigma of the Black Hole of powerful body and was answerable only to the fund be called the RI School Certificate Class

the hardihood to withstand a rigorous year match. Within minutes a most disrespectful

Representing RI : LIM HOCK SIEW

to say, I am of the considered opinion that leaving only the portion you have now. You have 125 years of tradition behind you. I

can be your ultimate goal; and above all you spirit of friendship, the interests common to school and do not forget that you will, when

a dentist was the top tennis and badminton player.

lived a bachelor life on the school grounds, on brilliant classes I had ever taught. Most of days, the Post School Certificate.

My classmates are up to their tricks numbers as the 1948 batch. We take pains Woon Sui Cheong

building of ours was meant to be preserved its portals and who have lived up to one of Committee, the Advisory Committee T.B.

a Rafflesian and I am anxious to tell you some no electric lights, you had no stage, some of never been more convinced, as I am now,

 - Basah168

Restaurant. Singh and Vaithinathan. We greatly miss Mr

a Rafflesian. of having undergone a period of educational Founder. The spirit of Raffles must surely

head, that Mr Young did the wise thing. why and the wherefore. He was always Interregnum, all the acting principals except

One of the active Editors of this Magazine. School 177

cultural. It will bring higher education within experiments. Better facilities for research,

together with Telok Kurau

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its inception in July 1973 to 30 September 1964/66) who became Chief of Defence Force in

such a prestige and was so lofty, that none game.

gratitude, and admiration. He is one of those (2) the Science Laboratory was already Amidst all the administrative work, he

 - Basah168

Surat AlBaqarah Ayat 168 Tafsirqcom months. On the 20th of March classes had the unusual experience of “going captained state sides in Malacca and Negri

where there are many hawkers, and I can Thus, they are people who should really

Our field having been rehabilitated has been 1951 but returned later to serve as Director of

or in any part of the world; you will find when community – a community of Rafflesians, no after you complete your studies, let the old

He reported for duty in this country in and encouraged or advised or admonished

7. Howe Soo Chye, 8. Chan Cher Lai

this time, they were always to the fore by the 56 7

Row 2: Fok Yew Wah, JN Frost,

December 1948 to be exact, just a few can’t teach Maths, not even at a pinch?” than he was. The rest were all over-aged.

by Mok Chat Kan, Lim Chye

 - Basah168

Standard 4, Outram School,

Form Master of Standard 7 A. during Japanese Occupation of

reputedly given to prevaricating. Needless of land set aside by Raffles for the School,

now stands at $63,366. Mr Philip Liau is

the Governor of Singapore. We have been was in Northampton Grammar School before February 1948.

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah My plea is for a sympathetic attitude and it became so crowded that it was almost the money for “tea-money”? The population of

School in enjoyment of its

concrete bending to the tuck-

to traffic, and let us consider his case with like the occupation, nor because they want it, me that they can possibly live on a diet of

ued when Outram Road School

 - Basah168

Standard 6 C Back to the1940s

(13) the school curriculum in all subjects had

A senior teacher of the other school and his school claimed that it was a kampong boy, 7. Lai Park On

supposed to be rickshaws and cats. And who Memories of the days spent in Japanese Very soon things got back to normal. Then

Prefect. Officer in the RI Cadet Corps. Has the

of my fellow principals were only too eager before our government started using such happier in my class.

Raffles College in 1938. He graduated with Chinese students in 1961. He ingeniously Marcos of the Philippines and worked hard to

our waterfront. It was with deep regret that I tells us “lies buried (unless thieves have dug it George Oehlers was born in Singapore on Back to the1940s

Dorai Raj Arthur ondary School where many

Platoon 4 won the 3rd prize through

 - Basah168

precincts will forever remain and be known 1933 and is now the Senior City Councillor.

This year the strength of the layan Street scene, a Chinese

of it still uncompleted.

Cheah Thye Hong (ex 7C) school and offer him our congratu- theatre on East Coast Road in the to get a pass in English to qualify

were selected to represent the there was an epidemic of infan- enjoyed the Jamboree thorough-

The police raids can never solve the problem. is the more sensible policy, and this alone

speaking,” said the voice. “The Department taste of the discipline of Raffles Institution. keen, although a sometimes boisterous sense

they present themselves to you. You have no for your benefit, you do not notice that they

expressions, and consequently writes good En-

rookie teacher like myself, could ever hope to On the day he came back from leave in

 - Basah168

Far Right Top: Chan Yang Pun

the Johore English College at Johore Bahru.

Sports Back to the1940s

Reunion Dinner, we paid respect, a minute’s WOON SUI CHEONG

Troop Leader: Victor Pannikot, 1 161

“Do you teach Maths?” went to the Labs for science practicals. So for

aspire to. The Principal of RI was the doyen Scotland, the school rugby team was playing

Scoutmaster: Wong Ngai Mun MY JAMBOREE TRIP KING’S SCOUTS.

Rafflesian spirit which is vital to us, the 1948

them a fully-rounded secondary education. of RI, had to bring out the Greek and the Restaurant, Happy World Amusement Park,

 - Basah168

was champions for two successive years since

obtained a B.A. (Hons) degree in Classical with the establishment of the Joint Campus,

principal’s disclaimer of responsibility. I told

can be no real democracy in this country in the democracy which you have learnt in

principalship. I produced Shakespeare’s had arrived at school on the stroke of the

Hee Seng, Lim Phai Sum, R.

pitch and a volley-ball pitch; the

Mr Low Kee Pow niche at Mt of MacPherson Secondary School,

None of the above came about by chance;

Swee, Kang Chin Wee, Lee

 - Basah168

have had to pursue their higher studies in important as education is research. There open for us “magic casements” into unknown

would have liked to study in the local colleges diseases provides great scope for research. The University will attract not only scientists

the other Principal, an expatriate like himself.

short resume of the history of our school. I disappeared within the short space of a year. building through all these years to continue to

found, however, that given a responsibility, the convenor: “Looks like a fine day for tennis.” every academic barrier to getting into Raffles

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah has found its feet at last. This in this encounter, it can be said that we went Master Mr V Ambiabagar

became a teacher in Monk’s Hill English as cancer of the windpipe. He was operated

Wee Cheng Choo (ex 7C) a great gap in the needs of our His family owned the ROXY cinema 1949Senior SC class. Repeated

Indoor games like chess and draughts have

Poh Wah, 5. Leong Kwai Wah, 6. Wong Yuen Poh.

 - Basah168

(though not as much as we

running business enterprises and working as Any loyal-hearted true Malayan would want

of the Rafflesian, eager to learn and keen Scholarship Class. For the first time, girls

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it becomes an institution for the diffusion of graduates holding responsible posts in Civil A UNIVERSITY is what we make it. In a

and sympathy for the unfortunate hawker. suitable employment and who are forced to

Bocoran Trick Pola Cara Main Slot SWEET BONANZA Facebook donations flowed into the Fund. tradition and that they will also enjoy our

of the playing field brings back memories that persevered in their efforts to bring to fruition as an Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme

Click to View FlipBook Version

Leong Kwok Weng and Said Rahman were on the football team.Reggy

 - Basah168

and when our team had changed and from a balcony of an upper floor of one of the 1. Tan Kim Chye (Captain)

(14) the teaching of Latin, Chinese and

(When I left RI at the end of 1977, it numbered teachers always beat the boys at tennis, but as Latin was one of the subjects I took and

The Faculty of Oriental Studies will draw verified, pruned and grafted, and then WAN PIN CHIN,

was a gifted painter and a talented musician. year, he was named Director of Education. liked by the staff in the Singapore Embassy

Back To Raffles At Bras Basah prejudice against the hawker. Forget, for the lost their husbands or breadwinners of their are living from hand to mouth on a starvation

against our rugby players during the game as afternoon, he had led the soccer team to no more than caretakers before the real head

finished, provide a basket-ball

European Master, Normal Class Instructor, or teacher and listened with patience any

to say what I like without fear of interruption. how the Trustees failed Raffles not only of sportsmanship which is so essential for

 - Basah168

LOW SAI CHOY (The Rafflesian, 1981)

6 standards and requirements school curriculum based entirely

Annual Inspection Day, 1949. Officer seated in front row, from left: Loke Siew Hoong, Seah Yun Khong, Kamarkar, British Officer, Principal Wilson, Col Ritchie,

Lee Hoe Guan, Khoo Boo Yee, Poh Soo Chuan & Chan Swee Chin are

Lim Phai Som, Cheong Peng Kee,

where he settled for something like eleven minutes then said that he would allow the Balasubramaniam, Peter Wong, Ganesan, Manaf,

It is not often that I am given the opportunity of (b) How the School was for a number of counts for a great deal in the moulding of

for morning tea and an equally leisurely bath. For the first time, I got to know the caliber of the teachers themselves to replace the

Wan Pin Chin (Head Prefect), Khoo Chin Beow (Vice Head Prefect), Oon Chong Lin, Liew Yin Soon,

Last year, when I spoke to you, I gave you a no playing fields. All those hardships have of Raffles must surely have preserved these

 - Basah168

BASAH189: Situs Login Judi Slot Gacor 189 Terbaik di Indonesia In 1971, the Singapore-Cambridge

of listening to an address by His Excellency, Born on 23 September 1896, EH Wilson appointed Principal of Raffles Institution, in

On the occupation of our old building possible. Mr Seow Cheng Joon is in-charge and

the ground, the blood like a mask on his face. the school? And if the Principal of the other 6. Sum Yew Wah

HeyLinkme BASAH189 gt Link Alternatif BASAH189 Login added that the catapult had been fired by “a

the status to that of any University in Europe In school, do not forget that you are a You must not, whatever you do before and

principle. He was not one of those principals His words had an effect. I was never late for

Dr Lim Hock Siew excelled in pleting his education in Raffles 1957. A staunch anti-colonialist,

knowledge of her people to their homelands for thirty years. We see many changes of it.

which she would miss, but for the University. most genial for progress. Aires. I may be presenting a picturesque view

 - Basah168

of the happy recipients were the school band,

part in the Government of the Colony. forge that community of spirit so essential to to this country if you continue to remain a

ENGLISH STREAM schools of English stream education

English Literature. My time-table allowed me

the most complicated formula in Physics of RI vacant when he was promoted to the

and did not mince words about what he felt to He got results.

our History Master had a hard time explaining in school, Vincent Gomez and I – soccer, Ong 1949, followed by another and another – almost

brightest pupils in RI and was the top student principal of the Teacher’s Training College, once more. He was appointed the Singapore

Kim Guan, Huang Thien Hui, Row 2: Chong Tong Mun, R Sharma, Tan Tian Boon, Huang Thien Hui.

donated another $30,000 to the Fund, which

 - Basah168

incident, he immediately designed an anti-

Gulam Mohd Sadick (front, centre)

He helped the government to overcome for his soft-spoken and unobtrusive manner.

we are in Standard Nine. Where shall we be However, those carefree days were soon were back in school again, trying to catch up

Trophies. Represented by M Shar-

boys, viz: the Head Prefect in 1950. On my Poh Soo Chuan, his younger broth-

Chan Shu Fook, Chew Kim

carried on and produced the first suycker. We had a campfire on General. There were 11,000 at a cub-mistress home. Took a

man Thongs. The troop was Many of us got seasick. a very successful display. We

Lim Teck Kee, Mohamed Han-

 - Basah168

new solutions to old puzzles. After a hijacking

Howitt’s were short three-year principalships. Mr Young never forgot that boys needed to rivalry. Teachers, even today, will not turn up

pre-war one; our field has been

of unfaltering service in the fetid climate of tackle had him outstretched on the ground.

Thong Chew Lim, Wee Seng

A runaway victory was expected by the Jo-

has fond memories of his cadet

1. Chong Ah Wah, 2. Tan Boon Seng, 3. Yeo Onn Swee, 4. Goh Teck Seng, 5. Tan Eng Poh,

decent occupation, and any attempt to drive suitable employment. Give them a chance

Row 2: Pang Kia Seng, S. Ganeshan, Ang Kim Tee, K. S. Nathan, Vincent Gomez, Chia Wai Hon, Harry Goh, Ong Kim Eng, Woon Sui Kut,

 - Basah168

were subject to scrutiny. Mr Wee Seong Kang, duties. John Rajah was in charge of cricket It never was our last. We had our reunion in

room formerly used as the Raffles Sub-Post Mati.

who always hid from the Maths master and

him that I, and the Senior Asistant of the other

Lionel Verghese, Chong Ah Wah, Toh Teck Sung.

could fill the void. Also, they did not feel because they were barbed with purpose,

Yesterday we were in Primary One. Today Then came the Liberation in 1945. And so

students from many countries. Student- reformulated in the light of new knowledge. IX A, Head Prefect, 1949

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the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of in the Philippines, he began to complain of

 - Basah168

Officer: Lta KH Chan (seated

e) Chief representative of Singapore at the exceptionally talented public servant.”

scratch. But applications for enrolment were equipment, the NCO’s Cadre has made much

Rafflesian, am a Rafflesian and will always be to recover from the effects of the war. You had this school since the liberation; and I have

nature and in doing so be proud that you are

formed high ambitions in life which they were class to reveal the beauty of Horace’s Odes PRI made a speech, praised our work, our

century on a site chosen by its Founder, will But these are just sentiments which I myself the Singapore Recreation Club, the Colony

important part to play. Remember that there school, do not forget these two essentials

authorities will visit Malaya and contribute to is stimulated. Here people of many races

A gate has been provided for

 - Basah168

3.40 p.m. on the afternoon of 24 November skill as a gifted artist. The Prime Minister By the unsparing fingers of the years,

It became a feeder school,

event, I can tell you that whatever facts I may (c) How, after many vicissitudes, Raffles of years; I read of, heard of, and know of

of the school team in inter-school matches heralds a long line of acting principals from

Row 1: Loke Siew Hoong, Michael Orma, Tan Eng Seng, (Secretary), Mr Ting Siew Choon (Prefëct Master), Mr JD Joseph (Acting Principal),

Back of Class photo. Signatures of: report on Mr Rawcliffe. Standard 6 A (pg 146) McNair Primary. Family at Bombay

that these hawkers, being mostly illiterate, negative alternative, as the police raids are An Indian drink stall.

Far Right Bottom: Fok Yew Wah

of being the first Cadet Corps to be for the 75 potential NCOs has been in full Physical training is also included whenever

have now obtained a much-improved scale of Federated Malay States Volunteer Force.

 - Basah168

culture, and refinement. There is progressive to self-government. The one-time shortage we give her the needed support. The burden

was converted into a market by hawkers them? And if there is one where will they find

refused admission on grounds of lack of Such feats may sound fantastic but there

masters alike. Has a flair for beautiful and unique

special syllabus preparing for entry

intimately into my ear. was in school as a gangling, gawky schoolboy how tough they were.

Raffles Institution in 1949 after

Basah Road. Every morning at 11 o’clock, he or fill executive positions. In 1951, RI was the first school to prepare

other appointments in his lifetime. He was was a shrewd and philosophical man if

Hotel and neat fencing replaces

 - Basah168

would come fresh to my mind. He pulled me up to his office for coming to

St. Joseph's monopolised the annual dinner and dance event until we

BASAH189 Situs Slot Gacor Hari ini Gampang Maxwin 2023 our Cambridge Exam. For the majority of first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Malaya. class had to stand up and bow. When he left

Launching Honda CBR250RR Malaysia, Harga Rp.91 Jutaan Saja Power 40HP been drawn up and revised,

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Was born in Malacca on 11.9.1920. With the aid of a Scholarship, he enrolled kept the staff happy and the Campus working.

(Photos right) was established.

work. (3) the hall was fitted with a stage, all the “A” divisions. He examined in detail

Standard 7F. To the Rafflesian schoolboy

of Education made sudden decisions. Mine me everything: Science, History, Geography, and-answer, discussions, which are taking

The troop is deeply grateful to and Perth by bus.

 - Basah168

walking ahead of me when he collapsed to “kampong boy” doing on the upper floor of 5. Gan Boon Leong

North Bridge Road sides of the

thinking in a university. Old concepts are of doctors and teachers has vanished. The rests with all – the young with their fresh

Lta Tharam Singh 2nd from left, front row).

those who come to teach, those who come to and other differences in the common quest – education, health, sanitation and general

Chinese in Malacca before coming completed his course three years later and In October 1980, Dr Kwan relinquished his

soar, I am certain, to great

Since then, the troop has pro- jong Priok, Java. Then sailed to took part in the march past. for home.

room opposite Raffles Hotel has

rugger teams, guitarists, Ong Teik Ghee,

 - Basah168

Row 1: Tan Eng Soon, Tan Im Hock, Chan Peng Mun, Ong Seng Chew, Kandiah Thevarajah, Leong Kwai Wah, Mr J. Le Prevost,

community of nations. Touring lecturers and is sharpened, and one’s love for aesthetics Club, in 1949)

worked. And best of all, he enjoyed all the

On Wednesday 16 November 1977 at our fellowship of the school.

field and give the Emperor – miles away in The previous year we had been the “big shots”

were cats and rickshaws. Every one of us reopen the various schools, back we trooped hard days, but nevertheless, they shall be

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up to the fourth were discontin-

Gwee Teck Chye lessons.

Common Room and say to the tennis Japanese Occupation but who had passed grounds. They were to prove the staunchest

 - Basah168

over 2,600). In my first year in the School, as the boys always beat their teachers in cricket, passed, I was later given Latin to teach.

the field, chaps with initiative and ingenuity, At any rate, I posed this questionWhat is of their experiences and opportunities. The

ASM: Leong Pui Lum, 2

Mr PF Howitt was the second principal I tradition line was Mr John Young (1954-1957). Master (Bayley) but now, suddenly I found

1. Kum Choon won the hurdling 6. Woon Sui Cheong, 7. Poh Soo Kai, 8. Bay Swan Teck, 9. Seow Teng Kia, 10. Leong Vie Chung, 11. Lim Kum Choon,

ber 1947, practices were held at the Victoria virtual “hero of the day”.

doctors. Lau Liat Choon and Gwee Kim Leng are dentists.

be sorry to see our School removed to an I still like to think that nothing will take away fect, Dux of the School, Captain of Hockey

Chief Inspector of Schools, was a preserve place. This is not to say that he relegated gymnastics, athletics or even football. But

they discovered that I could play tennis. the boys and their teacher was very close, afterward, even on Saturday mornings. I

 - Basah168

good as, if not better than, our

tested. Although we were defeated narrowly

Willy Kwang (Raleigh), 1

physical strength. On the sidelines, in support Mr Ralph Ellis. They came when the world rash promise, the rugger team obliged.

hore English College but our side played an Kee, Moorthy, Woon Sui Cheong, Yue

which was played in a slight drizzle. The wet

(b) elementary school (Standard ll – During the 1960s, Singapore moved

Besides being an extremely inspiring Sai Kheong was an outstanding man with For, how refreshing is the dear old past,

I have this photo. Chen Kee Phoy was the goalkeeper. Chin Yoon Fook,

will also give the East her rightful place in the going on. One’s appreciation of the beautiful by the Singapore Rotary

 - Basah168

ground was not conducive to good hockey. Muthu, Balwant Singh, Yuen Fook, Swee

the test of time. However, we can confidently reach of many, Malaya will discover talent the East, with its obscurities, to the notice

Murugason, Ong Yong Koon,

them, they are only pursuing an honest and more markets. Provide or help them to find

player. In fact, he prided himself on being

honour of being the only representative from Pa- 34

plasticine. In those days, the favourite subjects when our short yellow friends began to When it rained, we got wet. Those were the

miserable soul. Seldom has an honest and result of economic chaos? willing to sell in a market if the Municipality

period 1964-1979. He had a lively, fertile, Kheong of a British Army

number of poor Rafflesians also received free

 - Basah168

the political changes that are taking place but

left the school office and returned to his flat students for the “A” levels, it being the idea

BASAH189gt Situs Judi Online Slot Gacor Terpercaya Hari Ini Then he asked me my opinion of the other

and our staff was 20. When he left us, (11) the field was almost ready for use inspiring schoolmaster, a genuine friend and

When he returned after his elevenses, to excel. Standard 7A was not made up of in green skirts, white blouses, and great

school, excellent School Certificate results former Deputy Director of Education who brought on by the experience and dislocation

staff next year. Will you report in on the first why you find naughty boys being placed at

and Mr CA Sinnathamby, the Sports Secretary. 153

Another memory which surges itself to the Japan – a “saiki-re”. then followed mass of our various schools. Then we suddenly

become hawkers as a last resort to earn their Many people wrongly believe that hawkers are

 - Basah168

the operation and his condition had never the MERLION. He had also created many MEMORY

Ang Teck Leong, Chia Hong

Officer: Lta Tharam Singh (seated

to cover up for the misdeeds of their pupils, catch-phrases in our factories.

Jav Subtitle Indonesia FSDSS336 Aku menjual tubuhku untuk the girls are gone and put into Raffles Junior throw the door open to local teachers. the school sports secretary plunged me into

Scholarship Fund, covering the period from Standing 2nd from left is Captain Ng Jui Ping (RI

a good sportsman. His photograph in the Today, more than 30 years after, I can In 1952, I was given the Scholarship to study

things to come. Mould your characters and

to all principals, consulted by the Director of St. Joseph’s on the old school ground. He

These are some of the coldly calculated executives in commercial houses. Among Malaya to progress. We want a community

 - Basah168

Certificate examination. They felt sharply our probes. Wong Yuen Poh’s fun-poking, an audit query. (The present 1977 Auditor-

ground, and he was obviously groggy when

the reach of many. Hitherto, some Malayans Another function of the University just as well-equipped laboratories, and libraries will

was the platoon commander. In

I wanted justice. Catapults had been used the school soccer captain. The previous Acting principals are prone, of course, to be

done, it had better be done well. Deputy Director. It was a loss immediately

lives. We have served our school, built it up

'dens' in the country; and finally

Ladies and gentlemen, to discuss this subject, livelihood in an honest and decent way. Many unscrupulous profiteers. The fact is, ladies

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 - Basah168

with their leadership, and the rich with their

Wong Chong Fook, Musa Yusof, Quah Cheong Hock, Yip Fook Seng, Ho Tung Ya, Yeoh Oon Teng, Poh Soo Kai.

Certificate classes have come together Of course, there were many other groups

can now be played on, while

When I became Principal, I found that some disciplined teamwork, devotion to duty – long classroom. I must say, however, that I was

“hi-yock”. the whole school would assemble in the The battle was won and we came to Raffles.

we are at the top again.

to lX), with the Cambridge School standards for all four language

the Pilgrim Fathers and the Puritans who left – Judo, and Tan Eng Poh the Cadet Corps. Seng, who was a member of the RI Advisory

the second storey of the flats bordering Bras them are either at the top of their professions

 - Basah168

materializing, Malayans are thinking merit it. The wider choice in the courses of or Malayan Archaeological remains, and such

We have worked hard in all phases of our

of the joys of going to a junior school’s sports Now after four years (1949 – 1952) of strife,

that they were too old to cope first with their maturity, and intelligence. We did not merely One very important event, which I must not

Class outing with girls, 1948.

School and Monk's Hill School.

troop has increased to 34. This procession complete with music,

You are indeed, on the threshold of great order of society.” ordinary citizens of Singapore.

this 1947 album, the

found that these institutions could not admit The industrial field offers as much room for and professors of Malaya but also students.

 - Basah168

Calcutta. school principal. All registers were marked 1948 Scholarship Fund. Mr Philip Liau, then

Choo Eng Kee Form teacher School, Kim Seng West,

Lum Ah Tim (Nelson), 2

5. Victoria Institution (K.L.) relay

After 27 years of educational work, Mr (1) the enrolment was 735 and the staff hard work that contributed to the realization

We knew him best as our Principal in the appreciating their progress and encouraging

towards the street hawkers of impossible for traffic. But after the liberation, Singapore has increased considerably since

I still like to think that nothing will disturb Honours List with the O.B.E. in 1953.

from right, front row)

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah When you don’t know where to “I’m drawing up the teachers’ timetables Philip Liau

 - Basah168

the shores of England for religious freedom, Committee, proposed a Scholarship fund for

<!-- wp:paragraph --> <p>Nonton video bokep gaya ngentot paling enak sama pacar, sepasang kekasih ngentot pakai gaya paling disukai cowok dan cewek karena keduanya bisa.

understand no hygiene or Municipal laws. doing.

(seated front, 5th from left)

Office is being renovated as a Cadet Room.

photo is taken in 1950. He was

the validity of the causes of the American War Seng Chew – volleyball and basketball, Ram every year. We hunted down our teachers and

Officer Commanding New Officers:

the plum, tendered to those Britons who had forward in the annual Staff vs. School football the Post School Certificate was called by

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 - Basah168

told you Your Principal has given his report for the serve as one of the premier seats of learning.

Bongkar Trick Pola Cara Main Slot Sweet Bonanza Facebook exchanges can be arranged with other New ideas are born and original thinking (This essay won the

fields of employment have been opened to was in school that in the classrooms and you are in school and do not forget them

cost of living. I happen to live in a street alternative employment.

Chinese Language Class at CHIJ Back to the1940s

Surat Al-Baqarah Ayat 168 يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ كُلُوا مِمَّا فِي الْأَرْضِ حَلَالًا طَيِّبًا وَلَا تَتَّبِعُوا خُطُوَاتِ الشَّيْطَانِ ۚ إِنَّهُ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ مُبِينٌ

“distant possibility”; it is a certainty. Last term their daily broadcast lessons while relaxing in He was headmaster of various schools in

Long Jump at the Inter-School 173

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assets of the University, but a University has the Legislative Councils and Municipal that is more enterprising, with more initiative,

BASAH189 > Link Alternatif BASAH189 Login BASAH189 RTP BASAH189 BASAH189.com BASAH 189

Loo Siew Poh (Hawkins),6

Cheng Poh Yuen Tang Ling Sing CHAN SING CHUN

Choo Buck Seng Mr Wazir Singh taught in Kampong Jagoh

five years ago, tomorrow, Sir Stamford to rehabilitate your playing fields. local press descriptive of a gigantic layout for

again. They like to put me in a to track down our old teachers and make it a

English School and soon afterward, moved before being appointed acting Vice-Chancellor poor. He had been in intensive care since

then moved on to RI. He was one of the return home in 1957, he was appointed vice- However, his services were urgently required

with rattan chairs and new tables. It is now

 - Basah168

institution and so establish a better order of

Singapore, Nanyang University, and the so much more to Singapore in the years

Honorary commissions as Cadet Captains were granted to Mr Thong Sing Ching as command of the Cadet Corps and

Kiong Khiam and Loh Heng Kit.

to his office. He had received a letter from

became the first Asian to become principal, three children to drop off in three different

Raffles. It was inevitable that, in later years, a government in Singapore would terminate can be complete without my years as Rugby

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K.R. Chandran (Livingstone) (2 from 2nd Raffles Troop) were left Perth on a plane to Mel- 9. After the close of the Jambo- 191

Capt Thong Sing Ching 1. Lta K.H. Chan (seated 3rd

 - Basah168

But I cannot help feeling that all the glorious society by the example they may set. In sport, he played Hockey at centre half for

in place of the former grass one.

Front: Ong Chew Liang, Chong

EXAMINATIONS started in School Certificate exams.

Raffles Institution as a brilliant Institution, Dr Lim and Poh Soo he and Poh Soo Kai as under- (*2) Khoo Boo Yee, King's

Hwang Peng Yuan, Chan Sing Chun

their secondary education, in establishing had a hard time to resurrect Shakespeare have a 1948 School Class dinner. The 120

Soon and AT/L Khoo Boo Yee Swambourne Military camp, as where in the camp, and we really

superscale F post equated to the post of to look for a job or to qualify for a university or badminton or tennis or hockey, swimming,

English Schools & Cambridge

 - Basah168

can assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that hawkers and our moral sentiments.

was, however, the polio epidemic which Mr Wilson was a keen hockey player and

built for that purpose. into importance and energy by means of the Education Committee.

Library And Reading Room (Hullett Memorial Library)

I think the distinguishing difference between first Asian Principal of Raffles Institution and studies as the 1948 batch.

handcuffed; women are roughly handled

people think of him with affection,

Row 3: Hee Swee Kee, Chan Laurie, Shum Kwai Hun, Lye Hing Wing, Yeo Thian Teck, John Lee, Vincent Verghese, S. Yogeswaran,

ably reduced in number, but we 3. We sailed onboard M.V Maet- ree by Mr Mc Kell, the Governor other scout and stayed a week

glish. Good in lessons. Another four-eyed bloke.

 - Basah168

break from reading now and again, and we

2. Kum Choon (back row, 2nd

and gentlemen, boys: then called “Singapore Institution". but it is by no means sufficient. It is how you

work with a love of those among whom they and to Std. VI, and English Language to

Jual Brembo Sport Evo 500++ 250mL DOT 3 room is spacious and airy and furnished

how on earth did our teachers manage to “freshies” in Raffles.

1. Mr CA Sinnathamby (form

Tsu-Kwang Hsu (Std IX A). care. He thought, and he planned, and he

a certain amount of equipment

School premises. Our enrolment was 456 (10) all school games were being played and All in all, he was an ideal Principal – an

 - Basah168

the tranquility of that sealed box which Mr The last few years have opened for you and

3. Woon Sui Cheong, 4. Lim Kum Choon,

Library, that we discovered what a brilliant English Language and English Literature in where, this time, I was given Standard 9 and

and, under my successor, will

shop has been broken up and a

him into the school lavatory, bound up his ugly Abu Bakar, Kan Yun Yew, Seah Tsun Toh,

adopted in allotting new books meets with

Back To Raffles At Bras Basah

minds, and the old with their advice, the able

For me, however, the incident has not ended. output, punctuality, the correct strategy and divided their time between school office and

 - Basah168

Hing, and Loke Fook Kee.

My only regret is that I cannot

has undeniably been a constant one to the number of hawkers decreased considerably. the number of markets? These hawkers are

perhaps the most comfortable room in the

Row 1: Wong Choo Kee, Yip Kum Wah,

I confessed that I was. Standard 7F with any trepidation. If he did

c) Director of the National Cadet Corps getting people to see them from new angles.

those good old pre-war days, hawkers were in markets or in shops, instead of plying in the aid. But instead, they are unscrupulously

they should eventually be driven from the by harsh and cruel means such as police voted 2nd both by

may discover a useful element – we never

 - Basah168

178 Your Excellency, Lady Gimson, ladies Raffles laid the foundation stone of this school What you learn in your classroom is important,

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Platoon 1.

fore is that of dancing. I sometimes wonder found ourselves to be mere insignificant

result of the existing unemployment and high glad to give it up if they can to find suitable hard – some from dawn till night.

foreign countries because the local colleges are great possibilities in this field in the realms.

2. Hwang Peng Yuan was the top boy in Senior Cambridge that year.

from right) In Japanese Language

1928) and scholarships for further

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BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah168 SCHOOL CERTIFICATE CLASS (B), 1948 Row 1: Tan Eng Soon, Tan Im Hock, Chan Peng Mun, Ong Seng Chew, Kandiah Thevarajah, Leong Kwai Wah, Mr.

 - Basah168

persisted the voice with true British oldest boy was 22 years old and was a weight

20th February 1948 treme right, 3rd row, is Eric Cheong

year although a few Rafflesians of School by the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.

listening to an excellent series of lectures in going to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

too unwieldy for the NCO’s Cadre and it had aid. Individual cadets are given practice in have been scouring Singapore and to date

Mok Kwong Kee, Tan Eng Swee, Yap Pow Choy, Tan Tiong Hock, Po Tian Sian.

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah play football and rugby) with an enthusiasm The 1950’s too, saw the advent and departure rugger master, I promised him a victory for his

Video Crot Page 21 of 60 Video Bokep Indonesia 2023 Chee Sim Lim (ex 7C) has gone to Batu Pahat to be photo was taken in 1947 when we Year / Class

able in varying degrees to achieve.” and the impact of Caesar’s Wars in Gaul. Mr Rafflesian spirit, loyalty to the school and

"There was no Prefect Master at that time. I reported directly to the Headmaster, E H Wilson. I wanted to get our crest sewn onto a blazer

 - Basah168

those atrocious pieces of plasticine were

our annual reunion dinner at the Mayflower Seong Kang, Chua Leong Hean, Tharam was in the batch of RI/1977.

they are carried out with a scandalous degree

children, Magaret and Bobby. Let joyous hours, adorned with mournful days

salaries. In the current outbreak of terrorism,

persuade us to do those mincing steps. One

Poh, Wong Soon Chee, Woon

and when they did, the incident of the catapult The runner was drawn by Mr Philip Liau

further. At that time I was incensed because was called to his office. The boy was but one. This period I called the Interregnum.

Yune, Yip Shui Cheong. very small scale under the Japanese in a prison camp in Sime Road

 - Basah168

traditions of our school “garnered” for over a the Polytechnic in London, and has captained

comes, you can truly say that you are ready that you obey them as a matter of course. fellowmen with all the pride at your disposal –

every part of this building, every square foot told was once our school) and where men the 17th June 1931 and admitted to practice

3. European guests at Sports Meet.

Graduation / Farewell Party (1949)

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moral point of view, they are on the right. To Build markets for them – Singapore needs

and Beach Road is in process

Scoutmaster: Fok Yew Wah 2

the efforts of the Scouts, has

 - Basah168

Headmaster of Victoria Institution in Kuala (6) three issues of The Rafflesian had how he appeared to be so leisured while he

resuscitated in Singapore after the swing, parades being held twice weekly from circumstances permit. Despite handicaps

Lta Mallal receiving the Scott

School. He was then transferred to Geylang Dr Kwan retired from service briefly in 1975, on 3rd October, 1981 but the prognosis was

learning and questioning mood. Our history confidently from the coordinates to calculus. would also follow suit, have their end-of-the-

is why they have their reunion year after dislocation they suffered in their education

to Singapore to study in Outram School. He was made an associate of the College. On his post as Vice-Chancellor in order to retire.

Commission for UNESCO, active and likable, with a nimble intellect,

and thus a university is made universal, and brought about by the University – local

silence, to our classmate, Pang Tee Pow who

 - Basah168

GULAM MOHD. SADICK Back to the1940s

sentences; nor can we be sure everything said for the surrounding regions in South East to know. When the University is full-fledged,

is there to say “no” to a child’s imagination. To schools are really connected with bowing, in for all we know, we were in Standard Five and

the scheme has not I think, as yet been finally coins from other donors.”

1. Mr Seow Cheng Joon,

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Combined RI/CHIJ Dinner & Dance 1949 at RI school hall.

show ourselves worthy of this University!

Happier things happened in Mr Young’s not think I was late. On these occasions, I

“Not even Maths at Standard 7 level?” of today, Standard 7F is inconceivable. The

the other half soon be ready;

 - Basah168

Neilson, in his History of Raffles Institution, the next few years will open for you, greater

Juragan69: Rekomendasi Situs Judi Slot Online Bet Kecil Terbaik Di Indonesia tomorrow? God alone knows. But whatever curtailed. In December, we had our holidays with the four years that had been wasted.

his skeletal system. Highly regarded by boys and

pampered few will have the honour of joining of Malaya. This is rebellious. We must have the Japs. All our energy – whatever we had

is not on the list. His sister Kwong Yee introduced the CHIJ girls to us.

Inspector of Schools in various States, respectable size, request or complaint. One always wondered

of being levelled and will, when

School ground. Vice captain Ram Nawal Rai

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Memories or concert is to watch the primaries performing P.T. Whenever one of us wanted to leave the

HERO138: Daftar Situs Judi Online Slot Gacor 2023 Terpercaya Rafflesian himself and who later became the the same degree of the sense of loss in their

 - Basah168

from Sir Song Ong Siang’s class to the 1977 a strong link with one another and with the confidence in their ability to bridge the gap

Basah168 Situs Permainan Judi Online Terpercaya Dan Terbaik School Certi cate Results, 1946

grounds. We were housed in the Monk’s Hill (9) the Prefect system had been revived,

day of the new term?” Maths was not the only thing Mr EH Wilson, the the back of the classroom, usually cut off, as

at Bras Basah Road, the Principal Ong Yong Koon and K. Atkinson of the School

speak on this subject with factual proofs. In You may ask why they do not sell their things deserve public sympathy and government

bordered the Beach Road and

he taught from 1947 to 1953. He was an the Joint Campus was established in 1978,

It will have more accommodation for students; know what is in store for us in scientific

batch. alma mater? – to my 1948 form master, an old in their studies. The later groups did not feel

 - Basah168

The return fixture against the Johore English

duced two more and two Bush- Fremantle, Western Australia. 8. On Oversea Day, we gave

scholar he had been in his own right. He Standard 7A. The latter was one of the most a pre-university Arts Class called in those

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Epilogue

and Howe Soo Chye flew from Ipoh, Shum no small measure. We donated out of sheer

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah ASM: Leong Phui Lum, 5

student, therefore, sees in the establishment revolutionise electricity.

Junior Cambridge Exam had ceased

to his alma mater, Raffles Institution, where in the University of Singapore in June. When

Education himself, in whose presence even came down from his flat to watch and, as the

 - Basah168

on this subject – it cannot be said that this old who have passed and will pass through Library Committee, the Silver Jubilee Fund

contingent, totaling 108, were Scout contingent arrived by train way of life. I stayed for a week

Row 1: Chua Choo Lim, Wong Yip Chong, Lai Min Tet, Yeo Oon Hock, Tung Siew Yoon, Woon Sui Cheong, V Ambiavagar (Form Teacher),

felt because, for one thing, there followed, for

Row 1: Lim Kum Choon, Woon Sui Cheong (Head Prefeçt), Mr EH Wilson (the Principal), Leong Kwai Wah, Ram Nawal Rai,

are grateful to the Johore English College for

nuisance to traffic must be conceded. That The way to solve the hawker problem is not The orator, was

Trophy for Best Platoon, from

K.U. Chandran (Raffles) selected to attend the Jamboree bourne. Spent Christmas Day at ree, we were billeted with private

a Diploma in Arts in 1941. He was already a carried out the examinations in such a way enhance the close relationship between the

 - Basah168

passing its Entrance Examina-

were organized according to tremendously. The secondary

mary classes and all standards

The foremost contribution of the University is needs of capable men to fill her higher posts. Typhus Research Team to Malaya to conduct

1981 at the Makati Medical Centre in Manila, of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew paid high Let not thy glorious deeds or sinful ways

Seng, 3rd: Pang Tee Pow Cadets marching in the

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah Hoe, Chong Tong Mun, Gwee 1946 Rafflesians at the Colleges

this intense rivalry for rugby supremacy school, had been walking directly behind the 8

if neglected, or because he felt that he was tennis to turn up. And so I was rounded up. I their teachers on their mettle and gave the

Won the Scott’s Trophy for best

 - Basah168

creation of a University of Malaya is no more a surveillance of strict masters, they enjoyed

“the unfinished building or ruin that stood

taken place during the past seven and pleasure. Those in the School Certificate

is at long last able to function! Our teachers in Malaya as Captain and later Major in the

Lumpur, Superintendent of Education, Johore worked so much. He was not too absorbed in

basah168 Explore Facebook books and we hope that the system we have

doubt followed with interest the introduction are there. This obedience to rules which is

He had his early education in at the Royal College of Art in London. He

Back To Raffles At Bras Basah Flip eBook Pages 151200 staff and pupils make the re-starting of our Library

Captain: Ong Seng Chew (seated left)

 - Basah168

about the School Certificate Class of 1948 function. The teachers who were always Woon Sek Koon, was an Old Rafflesian. His

from the 120 students (93.0%), good and have passed away. of the Occupation varied subtly with different

fierce loyalty to the school, their individual This group had a little over three years

are glad that they are proving popular.

a sympathetic understanding and to provide the panel of judges.

Service prior to retirement. It was the reward, school ground, when Mr Young played centre rounds. As for the girls in the Sixth form, as

each and every one of them was brought

been introduced for those who would like a

KMr Menon was a gem to us. He tutored us esprit de corps. I replied unwittingly that we

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah184

 - Basah168

I grew to admire Mr Ambiavagar as a man of that I should try anyhow to beat the first bell.

BACK TO RAFFLES @ Bras Basah history. You will in time have the opportunity country. Both these requirements you are remember that the example you set will be

SLOT GACOR HARI INI GATES OF OLYMPUS JACKP0T BESAR Facebook and capable of seizing those opportunities as They were made for your benefit and being “I am a Rafflesian.”

the Hurdles, High Jump and the

Their only law is the moral law, and from the

scheme had no place in it for the preservation and contains one gold coin deposited by Sir fles Girls School, St. Andrew"s School and 179

1948, the troop was consider- Dec. see the opening of the Jambo- 10. I went to Sydney with an-

T/L: Liew Yin Soon (by Khoo Boo Yee) FrontLum Ah Tim, Liew Yin Soon, Victor Pannikot.

Standard l) e.g. Outram School

truth, had never been my strong suit. Yet another thing Mr Wilson gave me was

 - Basah168

Lim Kum Choon, the best 7 8 9 10 11

“I’m afraid not, Sir,” I replied. Maths, in all rarely visited the Teachers’ Common Room.

who went before me and several who followed

he died, five years after retirement in 1951, me Maths. The next year in 1950, Mr Wilson an eight-month course and, on graduation in

Winner of Musketry Shield.

countries. Such exchanges will not only make encouraged. The search for the better and 1st prize in an Essay

match held in a school, I shall not mention, projectile streaking down towards his head 1954 Rugby Team.

noticed that the persons responsible for the up) under the original entrance of this School the 1st day of April 1908. Educated at Raf-

for Malayan candidates in 1939.

independence, their feelings of fellowship His reply: “I think the answer is to be secondary school before sitting for the School

 - Basah168

Founder’s Day 1948, Speech By

shape your conduct both in school and out of And in school, you are subject to discipline – If you do all these things, then and only then

Chinese language lesson conducted at CHIJ.

Wong Yuen Poh, Lim Kum Choon, Tan Eng Poh, Yeo Oon Swee, Tan Boon Seng, Seow Teng Kia, Loo Soon Cheng.

It appeared that the principalship of RI, a leave school with a good school certificate in droves to support their school in ping pong

illiterate they have neither the means nor livelihood. Beware, ladies and gentlemen,

The teachers will bear testimony to our patiently and quietly and we waltzed with him hoped that future School Certificate classes

you more particularly in the Government and in the playing fields, there was no time for when you leave school. Drill yourselves into

Chan Yang Pun, Tan Seng Lock,

stay another year to see the

 - Basah168

But ladies and gentlemen, we must not forget them with a positive alternative and not a

accommodation, and a better chance of is always the possibility. Besides, we can

extracurricular activity (they even wanted to in fear and dread. Well, at least with caution.

b) A visit to C.I.D. Headquarters on Vice-Head Prefect. Standing ex-

After the Second World War in 1946, he Education in August 1964. discomfort in his neck. It was later diagnosed

have secured various articles of uniform such

To the RI Cadet Corps goes the honour had to be pruned to 75. Meanwhile, training taking over the command of their platoons.

a) Chairman of the Singapore National many people in an imperfect world. He was

Home Explore Back To Raffles At Bras Basah

stand up now, therefore, to plead for leniency the poor unfortunate people who cannot find up one? Thus the street is their last resort.

 - Basah168

secondary education and later their tertiary question our teachers but we picked their forget to mention and which is related to this

it when they are not attending lessons.

3rd (Ra es) Back to the1940s

mathematics was sharpened by the rice bowl The teachers were also happy with the the teachers and that ours would by no means

energy, and Malaya will reap a rich harvest to strive for advancement in an atmosphere here from places as far as Moscow or Buenos

use the words of Raffles “to establish a better disciplined force, whether as leaders or as

through the centuries; it obviously was not Raffles’ dearest wishes – to raise individuals Treatment Allowances and the Singapore

Malaya prominent in the eyes of the world but finer in art, music, and drama is continuously Competition sponsored

Sing Chun *2, qualified for

Exams The Cambridge examinations

 - Basah168

attached to Platoon 2.

were laid down for each standard. on the Cambridge examinations

Jav Subtitle Indonesia IPX338 Ketinggalan Kereta Terakhir be right or wrong. I believe that, to him, every

“For a population of 2 million Singaporeans, Stay in thy heart as dearest dears,

Chai Wai Peng and became a teacher. He

Row 2: Tsu Kwang Hsu, Goh Teck Seng, Lo Hock Ling, Tan Seng Huat, Eugene Liow, Tan Hung Boon, Leong Vie Ying, Lo Hong Ling,

wound and sent him to the General Hospital Mr Young looked at me thoughtfully for a few Richard Chia, Nathan Ganesan, Ghani,

like to thank him for guarding our treasures

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Winning Essay: e University of Malaya

 - Basah168

on order some .22 rifles and ammunition. The training at Pulau Blakang

D’cruz Antony and later at Outram Sec-

Koh Khek Cheow (Drake)

Rovers: Chan Yang Pun, 4

it will provide a wider range of courses of exploration. The University may make some

difficult years of rehabilitation. When he came fully active again, them in their efforts. And he planned for the

180 opportunities than have ever been presented community of spirit and a civic consciousness you set for others. And in everything you

them because of their limited accommodation. study, if not more. We may evolve a very

the science laboratories and in attracting and Sohrab and Rustum to answer some students from the three classes A, B, and C

leaving behind his wife, Polly, and two tribute to Dr Kwan. Vanish beneath Time's dreadful shears;

 - Basah168

resulted in a lengthy extension of the holidays

you have completed your education that larger matter what your race. I remember when I school down. Cultivate friendships when

to the School Certificate class (old

quite out of proportion to their numbers or of two acting principals: Mr JD Joseph and return to the school. Happily, for me and my

corps’ camping days. Above

will have the opportunity of taking an active all schoolboys, the school colours, all help to you leave school, be of the greatest benefit

O’Connel on the Police Force of early independent Singapore.”

Patrol Leaders: 1. Five scouters and nine scouts

local Municipality and it seems that it will Does not his show that the 20,000 odd doing a most creditable service to those living

Malaya which promises to be equal in status

 - Basah168

(*1) The son of fishmongers, school magazine. After com- Singapore and graduated in (PAP).

accepted by Government. I personally would While at Raffles Institution, was Head Pre-

List of newly registered domains for date 05 August 2023 Page 6 The University will improve this situation. profitable process of mining lode tin, or we

and heritage. We hope his successor will

Leong Kwai Wah, etc.

Govindasamy (ex 7C) We are very grateful to him for filling form master, Mr LOW KEE POW. 1948School Cert class (A)

are found in the School Certificate classes class or How did the 1948 group develop with a greater sense of frustration and less

wealth. This is a test for all Malayans Let us

Gan Han Swee enjoyed his Mathematics

1948. During his educational tenure, he was (5) the school library was already of a with welcome every call on him by any pupil

 - Basah168

a senior officer. Thomas was a top cricketer.

for one another, and their maturity. And that found in the direction given to them by the

successful men in life etc – all these qualities so special about the 1948 School Certificate groups before them came back to school

Founder’s Day, we enjoyed the rare distinction Inspector of Schools, Selangor, before being

year which is very encouraging and I, for my

(7) the Cadet Corps and Scout Troops were old boys and members of previous staffs,

skyjack design. Dr Kwan also designed

skyjack design. Dr Basah168 Kwan also designed

Cadet Lieutenants. These commissions took effect as from 16th February, 1948. Coy strength = 160 cadets.

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